We recently received an update from Hickory’s (now known as Listo) adopter, who tells us that Listo is in good shape. He enjoyed some grass turnout this summer, but is now back on a dry lot for the fall and winter months. Sadly, Listo recently lost his two buddies, and while old friends can’t be replaced, new ones can be made. Listo’s adopter is currently searching for a new friend for him, but in the meantime he has been the recipient of lots of extra care and attention from his humans, and is lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of equine neighbors.

Listo’s adopter has expressed that the pair has had a lot of fun doing some groundwork exercises this year, with hooking on being a particular highlight. She says that it is a real treat to get to experience this with Listo, because he is a great horse who wants to please.

We also asked his adopter a handful of questions about Listo, and here’s what she had to say:

What is your horse’s favorite treat?
The classic.….We stick to the occasional carrot chunks.

What is your horse’s most winning characteristic?
He will also come to me when I tap my hand on my chest. It was taught to me as a chest pull. This works from just about any distance 30–300 feet.

What does your horse like best about YOU?
I am his person and he want to hang out with me. I guess that says he likes me. He chooses me.