Our Alumni team recently checked in with Rae’s adopter Christina. Here’s what Christina had to share:

I think Rae is still settling in nicely. Oddly enough, she has been stretching her “Boss Mare” muscle a bit which has been both hilarious and aggravating, depending on the day. My old girl Mocha is still the undeniable lead mare.

Currently, we are dealing with a lot of pent-up energy as we navigate a period of “time-off” due to her losing a shoe and her hooves not having enough growth for new shoes and boots are back ordered for months.

Rae is a sweetheart, we love having her around, even if she is more of a pasture pet at this current moment. She is so gentle with the nieces when they visit and love on her. We’re looking forward to scheduling a spot in one of Joel’s clinics this year.