Amelia has been doing very well recently and we have gone several months without seeing any colic symptoms from her. She is thriving on her diet of equine senior that she gets around the clock through her iFEED automatic feeder. After failed attempts to give her small amounts of hay to keep her entertained, we thought we’d try fresh grass since that is easier for her to chew and digest. We started out with just a few minutes per day, and have gradually increased that time as we’ve seen her grazing successfully without any colic episodes. Assuming this continues without incident, we’ll proceed with increasing her pasture time until she is up to the full amount of time that the rest of the herd is getting.

We are also happy to report that Amelia’s allergy shots continue to work like a charm. When she came to us, she suffered miserably from insect bite hypersensitivity. But her monthly injection keeps her happy, and she hasn’t even rubbed her tail this year! You’d never guess she was plagued by sweet itch judging by her appearance now.

With her gastrointestinal and allergy issues under control, Amelia looks and acts like a different horse. Her coat is shiny, her mane and tail are long and sleek, and she’s perkier and more bright-eyed than ever. She’s being ridden regularly by SAFE horsemanship volunteers, and she’s more than ready for a permanent home of her own!