Dr Holohan, DVM from Pilchuck Vet Hospital did an examination of Amelia today and determined that she is not pregnant, but is suffering from mastitis, which is causing swelling and edema in her udder and abdomen. Amelia has been prescribed antibiotics to combat the infection, as well as stripping of built up fluids and cold hosing to relieve her discomfort. Mastitis is not very common in non-lactating mares, and can be very painful and uncomfortable. However with prompt treatment, it can usually be treated without lasting negative effects. Amelia is such a sweet mare, and she’s been living very rough for a while, so we are glad to be able to provide her with some relief and get her back to good health. We are also relieved that she is not pregnant, because at her age she deserves to take it easy and be pampered. Hopefully there is someone out there who can offer her a nice home where she will get the care she deserves.