Glowing reports on Amelia’s progress from our Horsemanship Volunteer Phoebe! We will be talking with Joel Conner during this week’s clinic about his thoughts on offering her as a very light riding horse or a kids lead line. She is a sweet girl and in the right home she will be a great family member. Here is what Phoebe had to report:

Amelia — sweet, easy going but always checking to make sure she has a safe person to follow. (testing — swinging head around with intentions of possible bite, sometimes, but thinking better of it) she seems to be more aware of her handler & what they are asking — I think she might have just completely tuned out her former handler and it became habit. Learning a unified circle with nice bend both directions and still working on keeping distance equal all the way around. Better though! She is learning to follow soft feel for a one reined stop and I still think she may be a great kid’s horse.

She is starting to get softer and more responsive! We even broke into a trot to the left in the unified circle & she held good form and space for a little bit. I’m starting to get her to follow a feel into a one rein stop. Both sides. I cinched her up with the rope, and sacked her out. She did great of course. The bumps on her back are smaller. What a great kids horse she has the potential to be!