From the beginning, Amira’s winning personality shone through her starvation coat. She just needed a little TLC and conditioning to be ready to place in a wonderful home!

Adopter Laura fell in love with Amira at first sight! It was easy to do with this sweet mustang mare. The new friends meet a few times at SAFE to get to know each other and a plan was formulated to continue her training and conditioning for a few months with Laura’s trainer, Katie, before eventually moving home later this spring.

This feels like an adoption done right, with everyone willing to work at the horse’s speed and always put Amira’s best interests as the priority.

Here is what Laura had to say about getting to know Amira during their adoption trial:

“[Amira] seems to be right at home in the barn. I go and visit, and we hike around the trails, she is a gem… She is alert peppy sweet Amira. We also hang out in the arena and she follows me around as I walk, run, switch directions with no lead rope. She is just wonderful. Katie says that she is very sweet to train and a quick learner so that was nice to hear… My first lesson I’ve asked Katie to work with me on loading her so that I can take her horse hiking to some different trails. We are taking things slow getting to know each other…please know that this one is in good hands.”

Amira’s journey from here looks bright! Her new family will take exceptional care of her and without a doubt she has found a lovely home! We’re excited for Amira and her future with Laura!