Thank you to Marta’s foster mom Eileen for this wonderful update and video of our girl!

Marta is doing well. She is sleek, shiny, a wee bit plump, perhaps, and getting fuzzier as the cool weather sets in. It is a little hard to judge her ideal weight because she was a brood mare for most of her life as I understand it. Consequently her “trim” may be a little more rotund than another horse. Marta is nibbling on little bits of grass in the pasture, LMF low carb complete mash, and a bit of timothy hay for snacking. Because Marta’s teeth were not floated and maintained in the past, her top back molars were worn down to almost nothing and now eating hay has become more difficult for her. She does quite well on the mash and grass, though.

Marta is definitely a survivor and a trooper. She has withstood the hardships she experienced with gusto. This morning she played and bucked in the pasture when I went to greet her. She always says hello with a whinny and/or a deep nicker. She is also quite the hair dressers dream. She likes to just stand around and be groomed and pampered. No need for a halter, just pull out the gel curry comb and the soft bristled brush and she will hang out almost indefinitely.

I have been impressed with Marta’s ability to survive and adapt. She seems to take everything in stride and has developed a wonderful rapport with me. The last time the veterinarian came out to float her teeth we didn’t need much in the way of tranquilizers. Marta has learned to trust me and that is always a feeling that warms your heart. Well, that and the nicker each time I go out to feed her! Marta is a guaranteed smile generator for sure.