this just in from Hickory’s adopter:
I thought you might like a Listo (aka Hickory) update. Listo has been with us for 8 months now. He is doing great and has settled in with my other two horses. There have been some challenges along the way but none to great and none requiring a vet visit for anyone.

I rode LIsto lots this spring and summer. Now that it is fall and the rains are here I have slowed down. However i get on him whenever I can. I have discovered that Listo is very brave and quite willing to try new things. He was more than willing to come up the porch steps and into the house the other day. Of course I did not let him but was surprised at his willingness.

Joel did a great job with starting him. Now that I have a saddle horse I can ride consistently my skills (timing and feel) have come back a lot more, Listo has been patient with me and I have been OK on my own with him for the last 8 months. I am able to ride Listo at all three speeds in the round pen and out in my pasture. He is more that willing to go. We do lots and lots of transitions. 

I started Listo over small fences this summer and he seems to enjoy them as well as other obstacles (cavelleties, tarps, etc). I have a wooden bridge for him and the other horses to walk over. He did not even look at it the first time I asked him to walk over it. We are now stopping on top of it and hanging out. 

I am getting ready to introduce him to a giant ball soon. We have been having a great time getting to know each other and building trust. Listo is a special horse and we are so glad he is with us.

Thank you again SAFE for helping this handsome horse out and giving him a home until he could find his forever home with us in Rainier.