Here’s a lovely update on Anakin in his new home!

I thought while I had a moment I’d catch you up on how Anakin is doing.

He’s not squealing as much, that’s for sure! Kai and Einstein stop for a sniff and a greeting every morning before they’re turned out, Kai gives a little air kick with his hind that only I can see (he’s letting me know that he’s still my number one). Even Strider stops by in the evening before heading out for the night. All are adjusting well to each other as Anakin gets used to the routine.

Ani gets stall/barn/paddock access at night as he wanted to be inside at first. I’m finding that he’s more often than not, laying down in the soft dirt outside (body prints as evidence) to sleep, I think it’s because it’s been cooler there than in the barn on the warm days. The good news is that he’s comfortable enough to be outside by himself (others in the pastures).

He can hear me coming to the barn as I have to walk on the gravel, so by the time I round the corner I can just make him out with his ears up, knowing that I’ll be serving breakfast in pretty short order. He nickers when I bring the feed pans around! He’s an absolute dream to work with when I do grooming prior to turnout. He’s also very curious, he watches me do my work and he follows me around when I’m filling waters, etc. This one has a lot between the ears, that’s for sure.

I think he’s pretty happy here at SAFE South, people are finding out that he’s here and I’ve been getting a lot of really nice email. He’s a rock star, that’s for sure. My neighbors are enjoying him as well, they comment all the time about his beautiful coat and how nice he is.

Oh, food in/poop out functions totally normal!

Will send pictures as soon as I get a moment to take some 🙂