Here’s an update from Anderson’s regular rider and friend Kaya M:

Anderson is one special horse. Since we first began working together last summer, our relationship and ability to understand each other has grown exponentially! Last summer, Anderson would walk away from me with ears pinned in his paddock and now he is all happy ears and cuddles when I go get him. This change in attitude feels directly related to a change in my horsemanship abilities. I have learned how to be more adamant and specific about what I’m asking and it is obvious how grateful he is for this clarity. This change is also evident when working. While Andy still has some issues with his expression, he is much more forward and every day he feels less and less stuck. It is so fun to feel this change! Anderson has quickly become one of my favorite horses to ride. I feel so confident on him now that we have (for the most part) overcome the original hurdles that we faced and I can’t wait to continue growing and learning with him.