Anderson is doing excellent in training with Darik. He has spent some time relaxing into being a good gelding and getting used to the life as a domestic horse. We got to spend some time with him and watch Darik work him in the arena. He still has a cautious nature but he was quiet willing for us the handle him. He shows no signs of being aggressive and was eager to be involved with the people around him. We had a bit of a crowd, which was a little intimidating at first, but he settled into the work and let us all watch.

Darik’s property and farm is very quiet and a wonderful place for this boy to ease into life with people. We have no agenda or timeline he needs to follow. Our hope is that over the next few months we will get a saddle on him and he will start to understand that we are his friends. We were very surprised to see that he was already willing to let Darik sit on him and walk around the arena. He was a good boy and it was amazing watching him figure this out and the partnership he is gaining through Darik’s work. It is simply amazing how much this horse has changed from the day we rescued him and Annabelle. We can’t wait to go down and visit him again in training soon! He is spending a little more time getting gentle with Darik and then we will see what next step will be on his journey.