We are very encouraged by the great progress Angel has made since coming to Safe Harbor. She is now easily caught by people she knows well so at lunchtime, she’s being pulled out of her paddock for an extra mash to help her put on weight. She eats a little bit of hay but her teeth and age don’t allow her to get all the nutrition she needs just from hay so she will always need to be supplemented with senior type feeds. She loves her mashes and makes a good mess with then which is very endearing (even though it gets all over the place!)

We’ve been able to get a blanket on her to protect her from the rain in turnout and she even let Lori, our Barn Manager, fix it when it flipped up over her hind end. We still are not using back straps so she doesn’t get worried about them touching her hind legs but this is something we can work towards. She also got a GLOWING report from our farrier Daphne. She was able to pick up Angel’s hind legs with absolutely no kicking out! This is a huge step in the right direction. We still have not attempted to trim her hinds but they are not in bad shape so if it takes her a little more time getting comfortable with them being handled that is OK.

Video of Angel working on catching: