Sweet Miss Annabelle is healthy and ready to move out of SAFE Harbor to a foster home and help us make room for new intakes. We are looking for a foster who can take in this arabian girl and give her a quiet place to be a companion non-riding horse. She is still extremely herd bound so the ideal home would be somewhere she can see her buddies all of the times. She is a good girl, easy to groom and handle but when she is stressed she needs an experienced handler to help her and the people around her safe. She is still on the heavy side and it would be good to keep her grazing on grass intake to a minimum especially during the high sugar times in the fall and spring. Please fill out a foster or adoption application if you are interested in learning more about Annabelle and making her part of your family. You can also email our Foster Coordinator, Eileen Carrel, at foster@safehorses.org or to learn more about adoptions, you can email adopt@safehorses.org.