Annie is a chestnut Saddlebred mare from the Carnation seizure, who SAFE has recently taken on after spending the last two weeks with Equine Aid. This young pretty mare is thin, but not nearly as bad as Hope or Willow. Her feet were in horrendous shape, the worst of the bunch. Annie was the one that gave us the most trouble loading on the day of the seizure, she was shutting down and then falling onto the ground. After a couple of hours we got her into the trailer using trucks to create a squeeze shoot. Since she has been with Equine Aid we have found that she’s really a very sweet mare, but she is sensitive and a bit high-strung, and combine that with being unhandled you have a mare that can be a handful at times. We had some trouble loading her again today but nothing as bad as the first time. She’s now in a foster home in Sultan with her buddy Dutchess. Pictures to come!