Update from Kyle:

I’ve been working with Annie over the last couple of months, though she has had the last couple of weeks mostly off.

Annie is a special mare. For the right person, I have no doubt she will be a horse of a lifetime.

When I first started working with Annie, I felt that she was still hypersensitive and needed a bit more discipline on the longe before I felt comfortable riding her regularly. For the most part, I have been working Annie in the long-lines in a longeing cavesson. We’ve simultaneously been working on discipline, relaxation, and her overall connection into the bridle. As of a couple of weeks ago, she was moving very nicely and reaching forward into the contact in all three gaits. Overall, she has learned to react to commands from both the voice and the reins promptly without overreacting or losing the relaxation in her back.

I was able to hop on her a couple of weeks ago, and I was really pleased with how much more she was willing to keep her body relaxed. She had a couple of balky moments, but these were resolved with little more than a growl from me. Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of a mishap that has kept me out of the saddle, but I really think Annie is ready to start the bulk of her riding career. While she needs a well-balanced, confident rider with quiet hands, her ability to learn quickly, her responsiveness, and her natural athleticism make her an excellent prospect for a serious rider. She is still young, sound, and highly trainable.

On the ground, Annie has really become easy to work around. At first, I had to worry about her overreacting to anything that I did, but she quickly became much less reactive. She is still a bit touchy about having her hind legs done, but frankly, I’m not sure whether it is her or me that is touchy. She managed to kick me the first day that we met, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s picking up on ongoing hesitation on my part. She’s a very smart horse. Other than that, she’s become really quite wonderful on the ground. The biggest problem I have is her trying to climb in my pocket for a cookie. :)

For a confident rider looking for a really special horse, Annie could be a dream come true. She is a horse that thrives on consistency and affection, and it will we bring me great joy when we find a great home for her!