Annie did just fabulous at the show! She surprised us all by being just cool as a cucumber with all the activity in the arena! I was really proud of her, our little wild child has grown up! Of course, she had to remind us just how sensitive our little drama queen can be by taking almost an hour to get in the trailer, bringing to mind fond memories of the mare that once threw herself on the ground to avoid getting in the trailer on the day of the seizure. Thankfully, she wasn’t THAT bad, but she does like to intimidate you into not making her get into the trailer by showing you her pretty chestnut belly. Sarah, our volunteer that has been working with her and rode her at the show, did a great job with her. She handles her antics wonderfully and just laughs at her dramatics.

Annie also did great on the trails course! The goats weren’t a problem, but she was VERY offended by the waterfall. :) Annie is going to need a little more practice on trotting in hand. She wasn’t quite into it otherwise I think she would have cleaned up in Halter and Showmanship as she is SO beautiful!

From Sarah:

Yes, Annie was just lovely at the show. When I first arrived in the morning she seemed a bit antsy when alone in her stall, but with either someone joining her in the stall for grooming or out for a walk, she settled nicely. She really was not bothered by any of the sights and sounds of the day, and wasn’t concerned about leaving the other horses to go for a little walk around the park either. What interested Annie the most was meeting people! She was really a pleasure to handle and ride at the show.