The trot picture is from before I listened to Andrea and just gave Annie her release. I have issues trusting her under saddle because she is such a freak on the ground so I tend to hold onto her mouth, alebit it lightly, but still holding just in case she does something. Which she never has.

In yesterday’s lesson with Andrea, she convinced me (it took some cajoling on Andrea’s part to get me to do this) to push her forward from behind and throw the reins away. Literally, just bagging, no contact at all. OMG if that horse didn’t give me the best trot I have ever had on her. She went into a beautiful frame, pushing from her hind, rounding her back and picking up contact all on her own. It was a breakthrough moment for me and super exciting. Andrea said that this is what it is all about, teaching a horse to travel in a frame is about getting them forward and giving them their head. They will go onto the bit all on their own. That girl knows her stuff :D

Today, Annie ventured to Bridle Trails for the Poker Ride. She was very amped, and I wasn’t comfortable riding the Amped Annie, so thankfully Kathleen ponied her up the trail. Kathleen reported that Annie did super after she settled down. Thank you Kathleen, you are an AMAZING horsewoman!!

After Annie came back, we untacked/fed/watered and went to visit everyone. Annie greatly enjoyed the attention from her many fans and was very well behaved, graciously accepting the pets and scritches from strangers. A very far cry from the timid, fear-aggressive mare from so long ago.