Last report I had from Andrea (which was on Saturday) is that Annie is doing well, but of course is much more reactive than Willow and Andrea is going slow with her…working on desensitizing, learning how to tie and have baths and all that. She’s tacked her up, lunged her in tack, and had a rider lean over her and walked her around, but not up on her yet (even though she’s had some rides on her already, Andrea thought it best to start from scratch with her). One of Annie’s biggest issues continues to be having her mouth handled. She does not like to be touched in the mouth at all which makes bridling a challenge and also things like worming are nearly impossible. So getting her over that has been a recent focus — just getting her used to having fingers in her mouth and around her face, bit in and out, and using a lot of treats as a reward to get her to associate it with a positive experience.