Update from Allison:

So I took Annie out for a thorough grooming session the other day, and I could not believe this was the same horse!!!!!!

At first, she was a little jiggy, like “what are we doing, why is there no wall behind me”, but she quickly relaxed and dropped her head as I curried her. She is shedding like crazy so she must have been itchy and the brushing felt very good. She didn’t like the Show Sheen on her mane, but did not react aggressively; just put her head up in the clouds and backed away from me. She was fine with the show sheen on her tail and boy does she have a gorgeous tail!

She picks up all four feet like a pro and didn’t even flinch at her blanket coming off and going back on. She LOVES face rubs now and has no problem having her muzzle area handled. There was no nervousness about being taken away from Willow, who she follows around like a puppy, and her ground manners are darn-near perfect.

I am very impressed with her transformation over her time with Andrea, her confidence level has gone up considerably and she is really starting to shine.