Annie is also wrapping up her training and coming back to Monroe this weekend, where hopefully we can find enough volunteers to keep her going until she finds a home!

In the last couple of weeks Annie has also made huge strides in her training. While she will always be a more sensitive horse than Willow, she is going very well walk/trot/canter as well and she also is past the point of testing anyone, she has even given up the turning around and nipping at your boot trick. She is more “looky” than Willow, and more reactive to things, but she is also easier to put on the bit as she is more naturally round. She is now reliably cross-tying, and she bathes. They haven’t tried clipping yet but that’s on the agenda for before she leaves. Bridling issues are long gone. Annie is a very nice horse and is going to make someone a superb mount. She’s got the makings of a great english show horse (dressage, hunters, saddleseat), but I am sure she would look great western as well.

Her adoption fee has been increased to $1000 to reflect the training costs we put into her. She is worth every penny of it and more, this is a NICE horse!