Another Annie update from her foster mom, Julie:

Here’s another update on Annie. Unfortunately I can’t seem to post to the
message board from my computer — I’ve tried everything and even my
techno-savvy ex-husband can’t figure it out…

Anyhow, yesterday was Annie’s fourth ride and first ride in “grown-up” tack
: ) — my western Crates saddle, which is alot heavier than the
breaking/backing saddle, complete with back cinch and ridiculously short
stirrups (my daughter has obviously been using my saddle again!). She was a
little bothered by the whole idea and didn’t want to stay at the round pen
panel but was okay once I got on. Annie is getting much better with her
balance and we practiced moving her haunches away, moving forward more
freely, turning away from and toward the side of the round pen, and one rein
stop. We trotted both directions several times and also mastered backing
up! Annie is starting to get the hang of bending both directions but is
definitely better bending toward the right — need to keep working on that
other side…

Even being tacked up with an unfamiliar and heavier saddle, Annie stood
fairly still (she’s actually better than my morgan mare at that!). We did
more at liberty work with tack on and Annie is becoming an old pro at
stopping at the panel I ask her to stop at, from a trot. She is very eager
to please and such a good girl! We did more practicing picking up and
holding her feet including her back ones — Daphne did a practice session
with Annie on Tuesday and she was a star, letting Daphne hold her back legs
forward with Daphne underneath her! Annie is also learning how to stand
still for other people than me — she had a good old sniff of Daphne. I
think she is getting the idea that maybe most people are good — she really
liked Daphne’s horse cookies : ) . Unfortunately she started to get nibbly
with my hands so the cookies were withdrawn… I think she responds better
to lots of praise, verbal and rubbing her neck and forehead.

Annie is my hero! Thanks again for entrusting her to me. We are having a
great time together : ) .