Annie received her vaccination boosters, a dental float, and a trim on Friday. She was very good for her front feet, but still required some sedation for her back feet, although Daphne was able to handle her back feet a bit better without sedation.

Annie is also reportedly doing VERY well at Julie’s and is responding well to the groundwork. While we will continue to have her in training and may eventually have her started under saddle, Annie is going to be moved to the “Available” section of our bulletin board! Congratulations to Annie for being the first of the Elledge horses that is being offered for adoption! They have all made tremendous progress and it actually makes me tear up that we have gotten this far.

As has been mentioned previously, only 5 of the Elledge horses were actually surrendered to us by the county and will SAFE be able to adopt out. The others will be held until the resolution of the trial (which, I am not even sure has a trial date set yet). The other four horses include Kokomo, Phoenix, Sinatra, and Hope (and her colt). They will be made available in the coming weeks/months.

Annie’s adoption fee will be set initially at $500. This is subject to change if SAFE provides additional professional training for her.