Well let’s see.…Annie has had another training session with our trimmer, Daphne, working towards getting her hind feet done. She was able to pick up both back feet and hold them for a few seconds, so hopefully on the next session she will be able to trim those back feet. She is still pretty reactive with her hind feet and doing things like putting hind blanket straps on can be challenge, but she is getting better every day as she is starting to relax at her foster home. She had to be put in an adjacent, but separate, paddock from Dutchess as she was being aggressive to her at feeding time. Everyone is getting their 5‑day Panacur Powerpak, but Annie goes absolutely crazy if you even try to get near her with a syringe so hers has to be fed in grain (thankfully, she eats it!). But, when you are not doing something she doesn’t like, (like trying to worm her, or mess with her hind end), she is an absolute sweetheart that loves attention. She will come around, but she is just one that is very slow to trust people.

I’ll try to get some updated photos this week. :)