Atticus has been very spunky and playful in turnout, now that he’s settled back in at Safe Harbor. He continues to have food aggression issues and does not want anyone near his food. Our volunteers are being trained to ask him to back him up before they enter his stall to deliver his mash. He did have a very sizable abscess that popped on his right hind heel bulb. He wouldn’t let me soak it afterwards but did allow me to irrigate and get antibacterial ointment on it.

With the lack of turnout we have available at SHS, Atticus needs to be hand walked as often as possible or else he stocks up behind. We’re still hoping that someone with a big heart will come along soon and offer him a good home where he can have lots of room to graze and wander around. He sure did enjoy his time at Brittney’s and we’d love to see him back on pasture most or all of the day.