She lived alone in a small muddy paddock with nothing to eat but potatoes. Her living conditions had already attracted the attention of Animal Control, but it wasn’t until she got tangled up in barbed wire that her owner finally surrendered her to the authorities. The barbed wire cut a 5” long and 4” wide gash into the muscles of her neck, exposing and just missing her jugular vein. When SAFE agreed to take her, it was uncertain if she would even survive her injury. Fortunately, our vet was able to suture the wound closed and stave off infection until it healed. Once recovered from her ordeal, April was sent into training to be a riding horse, where she proved to be an excellent student. April will make a wonderful companion for someone looking for an uncomplicated riding horse. She is also a complete and total sweetheart, pretty as the day is long. Only a slight bit of scarring hints at how close April came to dying. April was a lucky horse; unfortunately there are other horses out there that aren’t so lucky. Helping SAFE means that another horse like April gets a second chance at life.