If the answer is “yes!” then you’re in luck — this handsome guy is ready for his forever home!

Edward has been under saddle since May of 2022, and has really proven himself to be a very responsible and reasonable guy. With regular work, he is soft and responsive, and a real sweetheart to boot. But time off is Edward’s Achilles heel. A week off at this point would be about at the top limit of what Edward could handle with a good return to form. However, if you are looking for a consistent partner to go places with, consider Eddie to be your guy!

While he is still pretty green, he has now had experience with multiple riders under saddle, and has easily found his way with each of them. He is still learning how to follow a line, but is spending more and more time outside of the roundpen these days, and recently participated in our Fall Joel Conner clinic where he remained calm, cool, and collected alongside 11 other horses.

Edward arrived at SAFE emaciated and with asthma, likely from poor quality hay. He did require routine nebulizing in his early days here, but has since been breathing quite free and easy — helped by daily dunking of his hay to remove dust. Even with the smoke this past summer, his respiration rate never once approached what it once was, and while it will need to be monitored going forward when the AQI spikes, he has been doing well without a lot of managing on this front.

Edward is best buddies with fellow chestnut gelding, Jacob, and the two are attached at the hip in turnout together. However, Edward has never been herd bound to his friend, despite how close they are. You’d think they might have magnets in their shoulders with how they stand when out together, but you will rarely hear a call when they are separate.

Eddie enjoys attention, but he is definitely the type of horse who will bond with one person as he develops trust. Back in his early days, he would play hard to get unless he knew you, and even then required a slow and steady approach. He has come a long way since then, and will readily come up to you in the paddock these days, but that is definitely helped by a degree of trust in his person. He enjoys being groomed, and will often nicker as you approach.

Edward has always had his quirks, bu what horse doesn’t? For the right person, he will truly be a horse for the ages!