Over the hill and through the woods, Arrow is living his very best life at his foster home. He has a vista of rolling hills to look out at from where his shelter sits, friends to share his hay with, and plenty of cozy places to nap in. Nap time is a sacred time for Arrow, who is often spotted having a lie down when not participating in his other daily horsey activities. Recently, in an effort to combat the inevitable winter mud, Arrow’s foster put down a big pile of straw. And what better place to nest than in a cozy straw pile? Arrow immediately demonstrated exactly what a good bed it made by having a nap.

Arrow also has made friends with the other resident horses on the premises, JJ and Ibn. The three of them exist in a nice harmony, and even share meals together! We’re so happy for Arrow that he has such a nice place to be taken care of, and that he has found such great human and horse friends to share the space with!