What drink comes to mind when you are asked to conjure up the most refreshing, thirst-quenching beverage? Is it a gallon bucket of water with a handful of senior and a little bit of salt? No? Well you must not be a horse then!

We give ‘sweet water’ to our horses in a variety of situations. When the temperatures drop, often does the horses’ desire to drink water. A warm sweet water, however, is not something they readily refuse. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when the heat comes, we want to keep the horses well-hydrated. This situation also calls for a sweet water. Colicky horse? Sweet water, hold the salt! Particularly hard work session? Sweet water!!

The senior mostly dissolves in the bucket, making for what is technically just an incredibly soupy mash. But there are typically some bits and pieces of solid that remain, or a nice slurry that sinks to the bottom. The horses who are wise to the nature of sweet water will often go bobbing for senior, aka sticking the majority of their heads into the bucket in order to get those good bits down at the bottom.

Artie is no stranger to sweet waters, and knows just how to maximize his enjoyment of the good stuff. After a workout one day, we let Artie imbibe, and captured the following video of him demonstrating how best to taste the complex flavor profiles of senior enhanced water, and also how to clear out one’s nostrils after going diving for senior bits. Check it out!