If SAFE had class superlatives, Artie would definitely win ‘friends with everyone.’ He is the horse that most other horses (at least if they’re geldings) first meet, and for good reason. Artie’s mellow demeanor around other horses helps introduce even the most unseasoned herd members to the idea of drama-free interaction. A lot of ex-studs come to Artie, all with varying degrees of politeness, and Artie greets each one in stride. He will kick up his heels a bit, and enjoys engaging in gelding mouth games once in a while, but for the most part is just a rock steady energy that is a real boon for horses who are just learning the ropes on how to interact with other horses.

He may not weigh a ton, but Artie is worth more than his weight in gold as a friend, especially a first friend, to other horses!