The first of the mamas from last year is on her way to get started! Asha moved down to Nick Donohue’s training barn at the end of May. We had only been able to do a little bit of groundwork before she left Safe Harbor so Nick would be starting pretty much from the beginning. Asha was troubled about the flag and would need some time to prepare before saddling and riding could happen. Unfortunately, she had a cold that had kept her at Safe Harbor longer than expected and while she seemed to be on the mend at home, when she went down to training, her cold came back and she needed to have some time off. After a vet visit and antibiotics for a sinus infection, she was finally ready to work.

Now that things have been moving forward smoothly, good changes are happening and carrying over from the last ride. Asha is a very sweet mare but may have not had much riding in her past. Nick said that the first ride was uneventful but she did not understand what things meant like his legs to go forward. We will let her tell us what she needs and give her the time she needs to be successful. It is very nice to have a training program that listens to the horse. The foundation Nick is giving her is essential to her success and giving her every opportunity to a lifetime of safety with good training. 

Here is a short video of an early ride: