Ashley Farrington was ‘horse crazy’ as a kid but her parents did not allow her to have any animals, much less a horse. When she went off on her own, the first thing she did was adopt a kitten and her own horse! That love for horses and all animals continues as Ashley currently shares her home in Woodinville with 3 mini donkeys, 2 mini pigs, 1 pet turkey, 6 chickens, 2 dogs & 2 cats.

First and foremost, Ashley is a wife and mom to 2 great young men, but she is also a Windermere real estate agent based out of Woodinville for the last 9 years. One of her specialties is equestrian properties and hobby farms. Ashley started volunteering at SAFE in 2016, joining the Thursdays AM chore shift. She also helps out at Open Houses and with the SAFEkeepers Club.

In 2001 Ashley’s youngest was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy, an unheard of disorder at the time. In her search to learn all that she could, she met a small group of moms who had just started the Mitochondrial Research Guild of Seattle Children’s Hospital. She took on the role of Vice President and served for 10 years. Ashley’s husband founded the Woodinville Boys Lacrosse Club and Ashley was active with that group as well, planning meet-ups, fundraising events and team trips.

Ashley believes that SAFE is hands-down one of the best run non-profits supported by truly dedicated staff & volunteers! She’s excited to formally become a member of the community by accepting a role on the Board to put her efforts to work where they are needed most.