Aubrey was surrendered to SAFE by her owner who was unable to provide care for her. She’s had it pretty rough for a while now, and has rain rot over most of her back and hooves that are in bad need of a trim. She also had a badly bowed tendon on her left foreleg which was hot to the touch and swollen. And she appears to have fibrotic myopathy in her left hind leg, a mechanical lameness that causes the hoof to slap the ground as the leg descends. She’s a very sweet and affectionate mare and she would still make a lovely companion horse. 

She has a sweet disposition and loves people. Like any thoroughbred, she can get excited at times, but for the most part is a very calm horse. She is quite the character, flapping her lips to make noise, and nickers for grain and treats. Aubrey likes her buddies and is not as confident on her own. She does best in an open field turnout with another horse.