Arlington resident and high school student Samantha (Sam) McMaster has been named as Save a Forgotten Equine’s August Volunteer of the Month. Sam was selected for this honor because this summer, she’s been volunteering almost every day at our farm. She’s done everything from moving horses, to grooming and bathing horses, to feeding them, to cleaning stalls and pastures, to polishing silver on donated pieces of tack. She does it all and without question, just jumps in and gets it done! She’s been a tremendous help; and since she’s a student, she’s going to leave a huge hole to fill when school starts up again.

Originally from eastern Washington, Sam’s in the process of moving to western Washington and currently resides in Arlington. Her first exposure to horses was as a child with an aunt who had horses. Sam has never had her own horse but would love to adopt a horse from SAFE someday.

Sam has been spending the summer with her aunt, who works at SAFE, so Sam comes to work with her every day. Sam loves seeing all the horses and working alongside all the fabulous volunteers. Her favorite SAFE horse is Bowie, a Haflinger gelding, because she “loves all the hugs and kisses he gives me.” When not spending time at SAFE, she spends time with her aunt’s horses.