We were delighted to receive some very special mail last week that included letters and photos from two adopted SAFE horses, Strider and Skye! They both sound very happy in their new home!

First a letter from the big horse himself:

Hi SAFE Friends,

It’s Strider! I’m loving it at my new home. I recently moved out of the old barn and into the new barn my people built for me, in an extra big stall. They know that I don’t like to be cooped up  like the crazy chickens that live here, so they give me night turnout in a big gravel run with access to the barn so I can sleep wherever I want.

I’ve grown some new hair on my back since you all last saw me. Michel and Corrine have been searching for a lotion that works on my back since the mineral oil tends to make my skin pretty dry and itchy, and they think they found one. They’re having the vet come out to look at it, since the hair and skin from my burns looks pretty good, but something is making my hindquarters itchy so they want a second opinion.

I spend my days sharing my home with my SAFE Buddy that just came back from the Back Forte. I think most of you have met her, her name is Skye! I love her a lot and I don’t even mind letting her use my big pasture. We take turns in the pasture and in the turnout runs. My favorite part of every day is when Corrine lets me out into the big pasture in the morning. I love to run and buck first thing in the morning (I think that lady is planning on taking a video soon to share) and then roll in the mud where the dry well is. The best part? They brush me every day before bed time and then I usually get a carrot or two with my dinner. I’ve also conned the neighbor kids and grandkids into giving me lots of treats.

Anyways, I just wanted to check in. I hope all of my old buddies are doing well. Corrine told me today about my old foster buddy Chip finding a new foster home with a big pasture like mine (though I don’t have a waterfront view, it’s a tough life)! I am really happy for him and give all the SAFE horses my best wishes. I love my forever home and I hope they find theirs too!


(P.S. They put me on a diet because they said I’ve gotten a little chunky. Send sugar cubes, quick!)

And here is a note from Skye:

SAFE Buddies!

It’s Skye here! I’ve been having a lot of fun since I got adopted by my mom. I spent a couple months at the Back Forte Equestrian Center while my new family finished the big barn and the arena. Now that I am at home, I’m even more happy! I love the arena because I can see all around it and I have a huge new stall in my barn. I think my human said it was 12 by 24?

Working with my human has been fun! We do lots of ground and undersaddle work. Sometimes, I’m a little bit lazy but my mom has been helping me work through that. I’ve been getting really good at cantering right away when my mom asks, both leads! I get a little scared in arenas with lots of other people on horses and I certainly don’t like jumps (they are secretly plotting against all of us horses), but now that I am home I will get the whole jump-free arena to myself. Strider uses it for lunging, but otherwise it’s all mine.

I love all the turnout I get at home, with lots of yummy grass and a nice gravel turnout when my mom tells me I’ve had enough grass for the day. Strider is my new best friend, and I think he’s pretty handsome. My mom thinks that I think he is TOO handsome…so she’s started me on something called Mare Magic to help me out.

Thanks to everyone at SAFE for helping me find my forever home! I love my new mom and I know she loves me too. She gives me lots of kisses and always tucks me in at night. Good luck to all the SAFE horses, especially Cameo. My friend might be a little crazy, but I can’t wait till my mom tells me that she found her forever home.


The two included lots of great photos as well, enjoy!