Brandy, one of the matriarchs of SAFE, will turn 30 this July according to our records. So what is she getting up to so far in her 30th year? Well, first and foremost, keeping close with BFF Bandit. While Brandy finds a lot of support in humans, and has made great strides as both teacher and student in our horsemanship program, she still prefers to have her equine counterpart nearby. Now that the weather is turning towards the nicer side of things, she and Bandit are sleeping outside, which they prefer to being in a stall, and we are all counting the days until we can open the gates to our grass pastures. Even though Brandy’s teeth aren’t in good shape, she still enjoys her time on the grass, and even if the majority of what she gobbles up ends up in a quidded ball, she loves every minute of being out on the grass with her buddy. Brandy, as a mash-only girl, is particularly attuned to her multi-day mealtimes, and is always ready and waiting to greet the food truck. Brandy enjoys being groomed by a variety of volunteers, and absolutely loves a good scratch in those hard to reach areas. She has the spunk of a horse half her age; the best showcase of this is when she gets arena turnout with Bandit, and the two of them go ripping around — after her obligatory roll, of course. Three decades, and Brandy is still going strong!