Sienna, like all the SAFE horses, had some time off this summer due to bad air quality caused by forest fires. But when the smoke had cleared and we started working horses again, Sienna presented with a left front lameness. It appeared to be an abscess but after it was treated, she was sound at the walk, but slightly off still at the trot. Our farrier agreed it looked like she had some stone bruising on her fronts. We treated again with some poultice wraps and Venice Turpentine, and that seems to have cleared up the problem. 

So, here is a video of her first ride in three months! You have to admit, she vacationed well! We had started her back in Groundwork for about 2 weeks prior to get her fit to ride but this was the first time she’d been ridden. And it wasn’t just a fluke: the next day she was just as relaxed! Hopefully, we’ve turned a corner with this mare and she won’t fall back into getting tight or if she does, she can be talked back into relaxation.