Banner made it safely to his new home where he met his new friend Rowdy! The two are getting along great and Banner has settled in nicely. Banner’s adopter Casey is a small animal vet and is very happy to have both horses living out their senior years together on her home property!

Here’s an update from Casey:

Banner has settled in well to the new routine. He’s such a cute, grumpy old man. He pins his ears initially to almost everything, then goes along with it like a gentlemen (for grooming, haltering, hoof picking, etc). He’s really quite soft and responsive when he’s paying attention!

He and Rowdy get along well. There’s some territorial behavior with the food, but they honestly give it out pretty evenly. I feed them in two separate spots, and then an hour later they’re chewing from the same hay pile! Banner has a very brisk trot and excited whinny when he sees the grain bucket coming. 😊

They got to try on their winter blankets last night. The wind was just biting cold. I think they look pretty dapper. Anyways, just wanted to let you know all is well. Have a good week,

Much thanks,