Here are some things about Barb, otherwise known as:
Barbie, when she is behaving like the doll –

Barbra, with a stern intonation, i.e., when she’s exercising her right to be impatient –
Bobblehead, when she’s silly (which is quite often, being newly four and all) –
Barbarella, when, well, whenever. We do really like nicknames here at SAFE.

No matter what you call her, this little mare is looking to meet potential adopters. I’m putting together her personal ad, since she can’t write very well, but rest assured, we have watched Barb grow up here at SAFE, and can tell you what she’s looking for in an ideal home.

I touched on her size already. At 13.3 hands, physically Barb is pony-sized (but the very definition of big things coming in small packages). Despite her stature, her personality bursts forth, the nesting dolls within her containing enough character to fill at least three tall warmbloods, and that’s being modest. So while she is small, she is mighty. At this point in her education, Barb still needs direction in the form of an advanced rider. Child-sized as she might be, it will need to be the skilled hand of an experienced adult to keep Barb on course during this stage of her life.

She is also young. Freshly four, the miles Barb already has on her will be overshadowed by those yet to come in the course of her life. Her start here at SAFE has put her on the path for success, but she will need ongoing guidance to help her stay the course. But what that also means is Barb will be, for the right person, a great project. She has a solid outline, with lots of room for added detail.

Barb is very good at finding ways to entertain herself, but would prefer a little help. Romping and playing, preferably with a friend or two, are just a couple of Barb’s certified skills. As far as four-legged friends go, Barb will benefit from those who set firm boundaries and do not let her mischievousness get out of hoof. Barb is ready to climb to the top of the monkey bars and announce herself as queen of the playground, and therefore needs a resolute leader to shake their head and kindly tell her to get down from there before she hurts herself.

Though looks aren’t everything, Barb is certainly not lacking in that department. There really is just something about a bay horse. Her black stockings are unmarred by white, aside from the wispy white feathers that grow from the back of her cannon bones. Her star resembles the outline of some fantasy country, perhaps one where little bay ponies rule the roost. And her hair — thick and luscious, this girl has hair for days, perfect if you’re the type who enjoys trying out new braid styles.

Under that enviable forelock is a very smart brain. Barb wants to see it all, smell it all, experience it all, and is looking for a human who can, safely and with discernment, show her the world. She is one special little mare, and one who will certainly make someone a complex and engaging lifelong partner.