Barb Jensen is someone who can truly be called a lifelong equestrian, starting from age three when her mother caught her trying to shimmy up the front leg of the neighbor’s saint of a draft horse. Barb’s very non-horsey parents supported her as best they could, buying her first horse for $25. Barb cleaned stalls, fed, and did any chore she could to support her habit and loved every minute of it. As a young adult she was able to pursue riding on a more serious level, and thanks to some wonderful mentors was able to show, manage a large show stable and work part-time for a vet while attending nursing school. Barb’s last horse was a recused racehorse, who, after two years of trust building, became a faithful friend and a neighborhood pet. Sadly, he left her a few years ago and she has been searching for a way to fill that void ever since.

Barb Jensen has been a Registered Nurse for 42 years in a variety of settings. She spent 22 years at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle before moving to EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, where she currently manages Trauma Services and the Forensic Nurse Examiner team. Barb was one of the early members of the Equestrians Institute while in its infancy, doing marketing, contacting media, and gaining recognition for the fledgling enterprise. She was an active member of the Civil Air Patrol for several years while her son was a member. She achieved the rank of Major, served as Chief Medical Officer, Cadet Programs and Squadron Commander, teaching and training young people in leadership and search and rescue operations. She also led the squadron Color Guard to state and regional championships. Barb currently serves on the Board of the Central Region EMS and Trauma Council. As a member of the SAFE board, Barb hopes to offer her passion, enthusiasm, and skills to helping SAFE achieve its goals.