We went from lush, green meadows to buzzed dry fields in a matter of a few weeks, and soon as the rain and mud approaches, we will seed our fields and lay them to rest until next year. But even after the grass is mostly gone, the fields and lanes stay open a bit longer to allow our horses a separate location to explore and stretch their legs a bit.

Normally when we open Barb’s gate to the lane, she moseys on out on her own time, scrounging around the fenceline for bits of dropped hay or tufts of grass. But one morning, Barb took full advantage of this little bit of extra space when it was made available to her. She literally kicked up her heels at the opportunity to run a little relay with herself, and spent a good few minutes sprinting back and forth, kicking and bucking and running amok.

While we try to discourage any bouts of intense running, especially in small spaces, we monitored Barb as she cavorted around, and made a note to get her into a round pen ASAP for a bit of endless (and safe!) fun.

Because of copyright reasons and all that, I can’t technically make the video I want, but please imagine that the above video is accompanied by the song Speed Drive by Charli XCX from the Barbie soundtrack. Perfectly fitting considering her name is, after all, Barbie.