Dr. Christin Finn came to see Ben on Friday for his third bodywork session. Each time, the work has made changes to how he moves and even the shape of his back. This time it was clear that we needed to push through some very tight back and pelvic muscles. While the adjustments and acupuncture in the past sessions had helped loosen a lot of this area up, Dr. Finn suggested we speed the process up by using a laser on these tight areas. You never know how they are going to react to this treatment and sometimes you can’t even tell if they like it or if they are feeling anything. Well Ben helped us know we were on the right track! He began stretching and moving his neck during the laser treatment. He had lot some nice yawns and was very well behaved for the work. The best result was seeing the movement he had after the work was complete. His stride was much more forward and you could see his back and hips moving softly with his steps. Let’s be honest: he is a beautiful boy but Dr. Finn helped this boy find his stride! He looks amazing and with just a few more weeks of conditioning at Safe Harbor he will be ready for professional training with Joel Conner.