Eleven and Betty arrived as a pair, nearly indistinguishable from one another, and left just the same: together. We’d gotten to know them a lot better by then — the way Eleven would maneuver her lips into a quasi-vacuum to suck up her prascend-stuffed carrot each morning, or the way Betty’s coat would shine nearly blue-black in the sunshine — but the one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted them to have a future together.
Often horses arrive at SAFE in groups, and often these groups are disbanded as they move on to greener pastures, but there are some special cases we hope to keep together, forever. And lucky for Betty and Eleven, this was exactly the future they found. When Cindee came to meet these two ladies, she found them perfect for her intended purpose: sweet and kind pasture ornaments that she and her younger family members could live with and love on. And so, after a few preliminary visits, Betty and Eleven got to go to their new home just as they had come: together.