Kaya has been diligently working through the groundwork steps to get Sienna prepared for a rider. Here is what she had to say about this experience:

Sienna is, without a doubt, one of the smartest horses I have ever worked with. Having just been working with her for a little over a month, I’ve gotten to see some awesome changes, but watching videos and hearing stories from when she first came to SAFE, it is incredible how far she has come in the last year!

We have been preparing Sienna to go to training to be started under saddle, so my job has been to focus a lot on getting the trouble out. It’s been a great learning opportunity for me! We do a lot of work with the rope and a lot of touching all over and she has made some serious progress. Saddling can still be a little scary for Sienna, but overall, I am optimistic about her future as a riding horse! I can’t wait to see what changes she will make in the next year!”

Last week, Sienna headed down to Nick Donohue’s farm in Banks, Oregon. She will get settled in and start training in early February. We are unsure how she will take to a rider but if this mare has taught us all anything, it is that through patience and love anything is possible. She was an absolute gem to load in the trailer and was quiet the entire ride. Nick reports that she has settled well, and he will begin working her next week. We are all rooting for her and look forward to seeing her transformation!