Photos courtesy of Leah Anderson:

Hope’s baby (come on! Name please!) got his first “trim” today. He was a bit fussy at first but once I figured out that as long as I scritched his back and butt really hard — Daphne could do whatever she wanted with his feet.
Even for all his struggles in the beginning — Hope was across the pasture and never even looked up.….thank goodness she lets him nurse…other than that…she’s pretty much a hoofs off mom.

As far as the name goes…Um…Baby? Colt? Seriously, we’ve got nothin’. I’ve just had too much going on to think about it. But yes, he needs a name! Leah and I were chatting about how he is coffee-colored, like a Latte or a Cappuchino…Chino would be a cute nickname. But nothing has stuck.