Ok, the naming thing. We’ve thrown around the idea of a naming contest/fundraiser. I am not sure how many people are interested in this, but ok, how about $5/name?

Contest ends Sunday 6pm. And PLEASE, pick good names! We are looking for a barn name, not a registered name, so while “Sail the Golden Seas” was really creative and cute, we won’t be registering him (his adopter could choose to try, later), so we need a name we can call him with when he is out in the pasture. Also, believe it or not, the name IS important when placing horses. We are going to have a harder time placing a “Bob” than we will placing a horse with a really nice name that speaks to something about them. So think about that too.

Ok, have at it! If we don’t get any entries then Bonnie, Jenny and I will name him ourselves by Sunday, so either way he will have a name.

ETA: After further discussion, everyone loved the name Biscotti (Scotti for short) so we opted not to do the fundraiser and Scotti finally got a name!