From Monica B:

When we visited Monday we got to play with Hope and baby a bit. May I say, Hope is stunning! She has such vibrant contrast with her white and black. She has “cleaned up” beautifully. Her weight looks great and she is a very gentle girl and has such sweet eyes.

Baby is all colt! What a character. Even before we approached his pasture you could see him tearing around, whinneying, playing tag with some imaginary friend. ;D When we got out there in the field with him he was like; “OH BOY!!!!, somebody has come to play!” Little boy antics ensued with only minor interruptions for quick visits to the milk bar. (Gotta keep up your strength ya’ know.) He seems to be doing very well.

The overcast broke and the sun shone thru. Hopes coloring was luminous and the field flowers sparkled against the green. What beautiful pictures we took of Hope contentedly grazing in the lush new field with baby chasing around nearby nibbling at flowers and chasing butterflies.

In the meantime, I forgot to post a link to this last week…