Update from Valerie (volunteer):

An update on Hope’s baby. I went to Jaime’s yesterday and spent a little time with him.
You will all be glad to know that he is turning into the little stink we all hoped he would.
He is barely a week old and was already trying to nip me and grabbed ahold of my shirt. I was scratching his back and he humped it up and did a little bouncing with his head down. (Crow hopping in the making)
He is just as cute as can be. His pasterns are coming right up and he still has a wobbly hock but that doesn’t slow him down not one bit!

And from Jenny:

That shirt-grabbing seems to be a recurring theme. :-/ ;) I have video of the little stinker grabbing my shirt… and playing with Hope’s fly mask… and stalking Bonnie while she picked up manure… and squealing and cantering off madly after seemingly no stimulus. ;D

Here’s a picture of him from Monday: