We interrupt your weekend to bring you good news: Blanche has been adopted! Blanche, now called Joule, headed out on a beautiful sunny day to join Elissa’s family, whose non-human members include a handful of Nigerian goats and new horse-brother, Watney. Elissa had previously adopted Mina, another SAFE horse, but after Mina’s unexpected passing last year, Elissa had been waiting patiently for the right SAFE horse to bring home. Blanche was just that horse. 
Blanche is an easy horse to fall in love with, and Elissa joined the ranks of us at SAFE who instantly adored her. Coming out to ride and spend time with her only sealed the deal. We are so grateful for this match, and to know that Elissa is continuing the great start Blanche had at SAFE. Blanche has settled right in to her new life, and now spends her days enjoying time spent on her 3‑acre pasture, haging out with Watney, and of course working with Elissa. Congratulations, Blanche!