Blanche has been an ‘easy’ horse from day one. The fact that she allowed us to halter and lead her with some quality right out of the gate put her in a higher percentile than the majority of our intakes. But because we didn’t know a lot about Blanche’s past, we had no expectations as to what it would be like once we started to work with her.

Preparing Blanche for saddling went about as smoothly as it could have gone, and made us believe that it might not be her first rodeo. And sure enough, her first time cinching up was more reminiscent of a horse who had felt the saddle hundreds of times than one who was experiencing it for the first time. Whether or not it was actually her first is a different story, but between potential past experience, current preparation, and a mellow personality, Blanche’s first time being saddled at SAFE was categorically amongst the easiest we’ve had.

Check it out for yourself below! But now that Blanche is doing all her groundwork in a saddle, it wont be long until there’s a rider on her back to help guide her on the next step of her journey.