A year and a half is the average time a horse spends with SAFE before being adopted. Bliss, our sweet, blind mare, was in our care for 5 weeks before being adopted to the absolute perfect family! Emily and her family had previously adopted SAFE alum, Beauty, but had sadly lost her in January this past year. We were delighted when the family wished to welcome another SAFE horse into their home and Bliss struck gold when they fell in love with her. Emily is not only a long-time horse owner, but also a veterinarian! She is exactly what this special needs mare needs and is already looking at treatment options to help Bliss as her uveitis continues to diminish her vision. They have an amazing property and even replaced some hot wire fencing to accommodate Bliss so now she can enjoy pasture time with her new buddy, Rocky.

When Bliss came to SAFE in early April, she was covered in terrible rain rot, badly in need of a farrier visit and her ribs were showing. After only 5 weeks at SAFE and a few with her adopter, she gained 142 pounds and looks amazing! Emily said “Bliss is an angel. She must have been loved once in her life because she does anything I ask. She ties, she’s great with kids, you can handle her feet, she doesn’t spook, she’s just awesome.” It’s not often we adopt out a horse so quickly, but when the perfect home appears, it’s a happily ever after for everyone.